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Awesome! So it's super simple, you can download the new demo from this page or our Kickstarter ( ) and to compete you just need to pick "Join The Hunt" on the menu (where survival used to be).

Join the exclusive Content Creator league, pick your team and get hunting! Collecting brains is the goal, the scoreboards are online and the 3 highest rated Content Creators by the end of our Kickstarter earn 10 steam early access keys for A Horde Too Many!

Thank you sooooo much for playing Silas! And yes, we are replying with 2 years of delay (I'm so sorry!) We loved the video!

I can't believe it took us 2 years to reply, but thank you so much for playing, we loved your video! (and thank you for the super kind comments!)

Thank you for playing, we're really glad you liked it!

Thank you so much! You're really entertaining to watch, we loved the humor!
If you'd like to try and earn yourself some game keys do check out our Kickstarter page or our demo's "Brain Hunt" mode!

Step! We remember you and the nerd zombie reference, thank you so much for playing again, we love your videos!

In fact we'd like to personally invite you to compete in our Brain Hunt mode and earn a few game keys for yourself and your viewers - check out our new demo and our Kickstarter page for more info or throw us a message and we'll fill you in!

Thank you for playing Akuma!

Thank you so much! It took us a while to reply (sorry!) but we reeeeeally appreciate your comment, you made our day :)
We loved to watch you play on youtube!

Thank you so much for your continued support over the last year! While development has been slow, we're proud to present you a new build that showcases a little more of what we're doing behind the stage! Check it out!