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A member registered Aug 19, 2016

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Hello kind sir ! Me and a friend of mine have started working on a Java RPG game, and Tiled helps a lot, so many thanks ! However, we're working on a black&white RPG, or more like white&black actually... and with the background being mostly black and our tiles being mostly white, it makes selecting them in the tile editor a huge pain ! Would you be so kind as to maybe have an alternative color for the background of the tile editor ? Thanks much ! (we donated, too !)

I see. Thanks.

if it matters at all I'm on a Mac

Hello everyone,

I got my steam copy of Nuclear Throne, decided to give a try to Nuclear Throne Together. Read somewhere around here that it works quite well with Wine. I'm not a pro at Wineskin Winery but I think I understand the concept. So I have the NTT .exe in a wrapper and launch it, except it doesn't find a file called data.win, which doesn't exist anywhere in the NT folder or NT Package Contents.

Do I miss a file ? That'd be weird, what with the Steam install and all. So I'm guessing it's a Windows-only file, then it would mean that I would have to have a PC version of NT which I can't have installed through Steam.

How did you guys do this ?

Thanks in advance,