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Thank you so much for the update! Love it, and the jump to 60fps is beautiful.  I couldn't find the raycast mod you mentioned, is it something that's available?

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Loading the mod at the selection screen worked, thanks! Regarding the other matter, I really don't know how you'd do it. Does the inventory organisation matter? You could just arrange the weapons by the order through which they've been picked up, no? I play with Robot exclusively, so there would still be the matter of how to determine a new order once you've eaten a weapon I guess, or it would just leave the slot empty and to be filled again once you pick up another. Do you think i'd be possible?

Just played a couple levels with Robot, and it does not work properly I think. I can eat the weapon as many times as I want, it does not disappear from the inventory. I eat my rifle and press 1, and it is back. Also, if I pick up a bullet weapon and I already have one, the one I already had disappears completely, and is not left on the ground. Any way to fix that?

Hey, the mod does not seem to work with me. Apparently the global variable wepswitch is not set. In the script it just says :

global.wepswitch=[ "key6",

"key5" ];

Am I supposed to input the binding or is it already done in the code?

Also, do you think it'd be possible to rewrite the code so that you can carry 6 weapons of any type?

Thanks in advance.