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soul mate

Incredible and perfect as always. 

The worlds within worlds that have you to explore for collectibles is so nice. Love seeing the experiences of another person during lockdown. So fun.

Absolutely darling. Every little bit of this was charming and gripping and heartwarming.

Wow I love this. I had a lot of delight playing this game and reading all the card rules and seeing the art. I see a lot of heart and creativity in this and I'm really digging it. It captured me completely and now I am collecting these cards irl help

Absolutely adore this. Very good and funny lore for Santa with absolutely lovely art and calls.

Thank you so much!

I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed this. Thank you for your kind words <3

Aww thank you so much, I really appreciate that! This is such a kind compliment

Thank you so much! That's so sweet of you.

This is very lovely and a worthy successor to Zen Garden. Thank you for the vulnerability of exploring this very personal journey like this. Always appreciate it and appreciate your games.

Thank you so much!

As always, incredible utilization of limited resources and superb writing.

Nice to play and fun to read. What a lovely little game.

Lovely, simple, and nice to read. Thank you for this.

Love this. Perfection. A+

Thank you so much!!

I didn't expect this to be a sliding puzzle game and I got so excited that I made a very bad potion.

what aw that means so much to me. Thank you for the lovely compliment.

They say thank you <3

Thank you for the review Gable Gabloni, I will make sure to keep this review in mind whilst picking my next date spot.

This was very fun and interesting. The lore was incredibly gripping and it was very fun to explore around the colony and do little tasks. It felt like early Final Fantasy games.

I also forgot there could be goblins until the game was almost over and got very scared but the twist there shook me.

This bait and switch honestly rocks. I love how much you built up that there would be treasure for the adventurer and so quickly took that one joy away. RIP.

I'm also very into the dungeon tiles

Honestly thrilled by the little subtle animations of the goblins. I spent a lot of time trying to approach them and failing. They're so mysterious and evocative and this style is so simple and led to the goblins just being more threatening.

Absolutely lovely writing, as usual. Simple and short and poignant.

Finally, a game where I can accomplish a realistic goal: going to sleep.

The goblin avatar is so cute and I love the touch of the gentle guiding goblin friend advising you to go to sleep. Overall a  beautiful and simple game.


Wow there was so much fun little dimension and detail in this game that was honestly unexpected. The fun little character dialog with the slight variation of tiles to create interest in places like the mushroom garden made this game an utter delight to play.

This is very fun and expansive. There are a few times where the exits confused me, but I see you have bigger plans. I’m excited to explore this little world again.

Thank you! They also loved you

Oh this was so delightful to play! The little frog animations made me happy and the the little areas were so fun to be in.

Thank you so much! I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

I love this. The dialog is all so cute and I really felt like there was so much world to explore. I can already tell I’m going to come back to this and see what else there is to find. 

Prompt 10: Sparkle


Today's vignette is about doing the dishes.

I tried and failed to add my cat following me for only a single room.

I was playing with items and interaction and it didn't go well because there's a glitch on the way to this room now and I GOTTA fix that.

I really like the stage I'm in right now. There's a story developing and I'm able to understand the writing that I'm doing better with every entry. And I have the added bonus of being able to jump through the different entries and edit the text and edit the dialog so easily. And I have a sense of what goes where and how the narrative will begin and end. I'm connecting these strings and understanding a flow and it rocks.

Hacks Used: Sean's Avatar by Room, Longer Dialog Textbox, and Transparent sprite hack via Borsky

Had a lot of fun playing this. Love the colors and music. The dialog of every little character made me smile.

Can you believe that I felt so successful after Paw that I didn't post again for 3 days? That and politics generally making me feel nuts.

I'm not posting html for these three days because not a lot has changed and I don't want to. But here they are:

Day 7: Warm

Day 8: Analogue

Day 9: Pathway

When I started this, I had quite a few of the prompts fleshed out and had done a bit of writing and designing in advance to lighten the load of my future self. 

I have reached the point where I have caught up with myself and now have to generate new ideas the day of.

That being said, a note that I want to make here is that I don't have a flow for how the game will go planned out. I don't know where each new piece to explore fits in with the next. I'm really enjoying the process of figuring it out. This is allowing me the opportunity to think about the timeline of what my life has been like, what I think is important to share, and how a lot of different other pieces fit in. All while learning a lot about the process of game design, the importance of script writing, and familiarizing myself javascript.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this journey and familiarizing myself more with the game dev community.

Absolutely lovely. Incredible prose. The looping is so perfect. The colors rock.

Aw thank you! I love that thought. I hope he enjoys reading the letters at the very least.

I could really feel the emotion in the letter. Very evocative. I love how the ending feels a little open to interpretation.

Absolutely lovely. I really love seeing classical literature told in this medium and the sort of sense of choice that exists in this world you've built. Very immersive. Great work!

This was so charming. I love this tiny little world and the the little meticulous task that made the stakes feel just a little higher and the whole thing feel just a little more personal. Great job.