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is there any way you can make the other 5 episodes and Spear of Destiny and just get the game to perform a file-check and require the WL6/SOD files of the original game (for legal reasons) before all but the first episode is available, then add a save system and difficulty select screen (so we aren't locked on "I am Death Incarnate")?

This project is very promising and would really benefit from the full game implementation (provided that it's made to require files from the full game to run so Bethesda doesn't sue).

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Another Issue I get is when I run out of ammo I don't default to the knife.  I have an empty firearm instead and for some reason I can't change to the knife without spending an incredible amount of time faffing around with the trackpad of the gun controller (I can change weapons quickly when they have ammo but not so much when my guns are empty), so I just die if there are enemies around when this happens, as this leaves me completely defenseless, and as the game is locked on "I am Death Incarnate" it's hardly fair.

Also, in the original Wolf3D, when you collect an extra life, it boosts your health and ammo.  This is not happening on Wolf3D VR.

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Is there any way to change the difficulty level? Judging by the enemy placement and the amount of damage I take, this game is locked on "I am Death Incarnate" so I don't last long, usually dying on level 2 or the secret level (depending on if I choose to use the secret elevator), then it's even less likely for me to ever finish the level as I am kicked to the start of the level with only the knife and a pistol with only 8 rounds.  Please allow a difficulty level selection in the menu so I can tone down the difficulty.  This game is harder in VR than it is normally, so I'd love to not get my ass handed to me all the time while also worrying about the Vive cable wrapping around my ankles while I play, or dealing with vertigo if using the track pad control scheme.

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First of all nice work porting the first episode of Wolf3D to VR.

I have two problems though.

When I play with trackpad movement I get extremely dizzy, lose my balance and physically fall over, which is dangerous.

When I play with teleport mode, due to the furious combat of wolf3D I get my ankles caught up in my Vive's cable and nearly trip over.

maybe one day I'll get used to trackpad movement but at the moment I just get a dizzy spell and completely lose my balance.  I was just lucky I landed on my recliner chair and not the art table on my other side, my PC or the hard wood floor.

Maybe add a seated mode, where I can use an Xbox One Controller and sit on my chair, you know, for safety reasons?