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Carrot. Carrot what have you done to me.
I am crying. There are tears running down my face while I'm smiling like a big stupid idiot. I need you to understand. I am having emotions and feelings. My brain is being actively altered as I type, and I think I have already become 30% queerer. I will never stop thinking about this game and this arc. I hate you. Thank you so much for making it.

Chandra is the most character ever

Also what the fuck.

This was beautiful and chilling and hurt my heart. One of those rare works that makes me experience capital EMOTIONS and FEELINGS. Also the soundtrack fucks.

I don't know if I've ever related to a piece of media more than this. 10/10 Would cry again.

This game is important. 10/10

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I love everything about this. I love how creative it is. I love how wild it is. I love how hot it is. All the stories are so unique, yet work together to shape a larger theme. my body, the hand grenade hit almost too close to home for me. This shit is fucked up, and I adore it.