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Just beat it finally!

You can get an amazing full version on steam and consoles lol

And your writing, hyped for soulsov.

i found the secret room and 100%ed, awesome game!

true end first try!

i gave up after 1hr 30mins

checkpoint between the "I'm almost at the top." bit and the next wheel for the love of the tower omfg


yeah wtf

12:39;368 Deaths: 175

(;o;) argh it's sad!



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No, you can play useing arrow keys, Z and X!

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Ebby would be a good one

All Endgame stuff i could find :]

But he never did. THE END

2:33 So Far!

Guys Just To Let You All Know You Do Not Need To Combine The Tape Recorder With Anything!

Wonderful Art! This game makes me mad but relaxed at the same time!

This is such a good idea!

Thanks That's Really Nice :) But Im Ok! Still Thanks Though :)   

I Love Your Art Style!

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I  found a glitch on the last level where  if you place a block  where he spawns  then a spring next to it and finally place a block on top  of  the spring then he will  magically disappear! also if you  switch the  first block with the spring  then he will get very upset !!!   (btw love the game  its really fun!) 

To Poor To Buy This But It Looks Awesome! :)