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this is a very well written game! by the end, i had no questions in my mind whatsoever. 



protag is messed up, true love interest is messed up, protag's crush is mlm, it's a really well written game!! i enjoyed it. i usually don't enjoy visual novels too, so this is saying something imo :D

ughhhhhhhhh i can't stop thinking about this game it was one of the most interesting games i've ever played,,,  i can't wait for the full versioooon ;___;

whooo told you you're allowed to rain on myyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYYYYYY PARADE

...this one was a journey. i liked that there are so many endings.

art style was amazing! glasses is hot. <3

this game was super interesting! but judging from the changes in the artstyle, are some of them mere placeholders? it kind of bugs me. but story really made up for it because it was amazing, and honestly i don't even like visual novels or dating simulators, actually i don't like playing games in general haha, but i really enjoyed playing the demo. needless to say, i can't wait for the full version! 

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so edgy. the art is cute tho. soundtracks could be better.