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tysm! SUN was my first ever zine, so to hear that means the world :'o]

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finally, it's up! pls lmk if there's any typos, we do as we can 


Great! I'll get to it :D

Happy Aro Jam '23! Last year's jam & making Aro was so much fun :3 

For this time around, I happen to be sitting on an idea for an activity zine called Match and would just like to make sure if the genre is appropriate for submission before shifting production into gear.

Would it be appropriate for this game jam to submit a printable workbook including things like aro-themed word searches, matching terms/definitions,  sudoku, spot-the-difference, etc? With a narrative throughout chatting about the different types of attraction through text & images. It's more of an approachable idea with how busy I've been lately.

Some jams are after more traditional takes of 'Game' so pls lmk your thoughts! If it's not what the jam's looking for, I'll get around to making it for my library later on.

thanks for brightening my day! I'm actually working on printing right now, and would like to draw some more example clowns this week :oD

thanks so much!! it's flattering to hear that, i'm looking forwards to writing more :^]

I'm glad you enjoyed the experience, super new to immersive storytelling so it's great to hear that the bittersweetness came across the interwebs' waves ~!

go for it!! thanks so much :"3 

I got it in babey!! :P

yo! I'm staring work on making a (printable) physical game where you roll dice to design a jester friend, I've got a bunch of ideas & inspo for different patterns for the clothing, but want to know if there's any patterns that'll be super cool to include ~+ 
Rainbow stars? Bunny heads? Let me know if anything simplistic comes to mind and i'll throw it in :3


This is my first jam entry and first 'actual' story-based game ever!
Hope i followed the rules and submission process correctly ^-^" super thankful for the motivation to create something new, thanks to such an amazing theme

Same here :( For me I can't close the window or minimize it using the app's buttons either, but a force close works.

i miss going into the city so much!! tapping on the tram made my heart really happy <3

great use of shaky text!

gonna admit, i messed up once, but rebuilding the crowd was fun!! 5/5

Just a note that the zero filter is in b/w and has constant flashing! They're all super fun ^^

Such an incredible collection!!
Thanks so much for posting these, the messages of your zines are so personal and moving through your style, fantasy_reality is a personal favourite <3

Trans Baphomet watered my crops, pet my cat, and punched me in the face, i love her so much !!<3

my neighbour's house is currently being demolished and i'm at a fish market rave, life is so good and happy, u r amazing 

This was so cool! Low stress on the player's end, you look around and catch the sometimes funny, sometimes gloomy conversations happening around you, and can look down at a digitally inserted phone to catch any lines you might've missed.  
I had a blast looking around at all the architecture of the apartment buildings and the interior New Years decorations in the food courts, what an interesting way to explore other places :3!
A good game to grab some food and a drink for^^

cute as heck! interacting with all the various items in the house was a neat touch, that sure is a shower! :P 

It's  really tough trying to find a single word to explain how you're feeling sometimes, i'm very thankful for autistic representation!
Very short and sweet game, worth your time^^

So cool! The yellow boarders highlight the colours in each piece of (sfw) fanart so well, it's really well organised and a great way to find new artist's Instagrams :D!
Thanks for including this in the bundle for Palestinian Aid last year :3!

he jumps! and he jumps while his face is :| ! haha
A really cute collection that doesn't make you too nervous to actually enjoy colouring in the pages, the faces and proportions of the characters are so loveable and easy to connect with <3
Thanks for including this in the bundle for Palestinian Aid last year!

dude this is so inspiring! what a cool way to use a bunch of doodles, I somehow hadn't thought you could present them like this? Your writing is so detailed and expressive, thanks for adding this to the Palestinian Aid bundle last year!

Opening the curtains was really big, I didn't expect to see the sunlight shining onto the bed but it really made everything look really pretty!! <3 10/10 made a mess with the books