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I got this game in a bundle but never got around to playing it. But right now I'm listening to the podcast A More Civilized Age's episode playing the game with its creator Jess Levine, and besides being a fun story, the episode does a great job explaining the rules and gameplay of Going Rogue and showing how cool this game is! 

(And honestly, Jess did a great job in the episode selling Belonging Outside Belonging games in general; I own several but have never understood the token mechanic, and her explanation was very helpful.)

I don't have many opportunities to play TTRPGs, and my group is currently still slowly working through a session of Anomaly by Sniperserpent that we started last October. But given that the whole group loves Andor and GMless games, I think this is going to be the next game we play, and I can't wait!

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Glad I backed this, it looks very cool! Sorry if you've mentioned it somewhere in the games or on the Kickstarter and I missed it, but do these One Night Worlds games have a suggested minimum or a maximum number of players?

This seems very interesting! Is there a recommended minimum or maximum number of players?

Makes sense, thank you!

Fantastic, thank you for the comprehensive answer!

Definitely going to try playing this for spooky season! Do you think there's a maximum number of players this game can comfortably support?

This sounds fun! Is there a recommended minimum or a maximum number of players?


An exciting and uniquely designed game! Apologies if I missed it while reading over the rules, but is there a suggested minimum or a maximum number of players?

Sounds like a very fun and relaxing game! Does it have a recommended minimum or maximum number of players?

What an interesting premise! Is there a suggested minimum or maximum number of players?

Thank you!

Sounds like a very fun time! Is there a suggested minimum or maximum number of players for this game?

All of my categories have been made public, so feel free to peruse them! I hope you find some utility or entertainment in my efforts, despite their incompleteness 

So I did continue to categorize TTRPGs from the bundle, and like you, I started to hyperfixate on TTRPGs, but it led me down a path that might not be very useful for you; I continued to buy these big charity bundles, and bought individual games as well, and then as I went through the games I started inventing more and more narrow and specific categories to describe the patterns I began to notice (for example, I started with broad categories like "Sci-fi" and "Games that don't use dice" and now also sort games by categories like "Games where you play as multiple creatures stacked on top of each other in a trenchcoat" and "games centered around bears.")

And because I've invented so many categories and currently have 3,517 TTRPG games or supplements in my library (the Racial Justice and Equality Bundle had 457), I've ended up with a lot of unfinished categories and uncategorized games that I'm just working my way through whenever the mood strikes me.

All of that being the case, I made my many collections private because I felt a bit silly that a project meant to make it easier to find games has become a sort of eternal hobby. I'd be happy to make them public again so you can look through them, but I foolishly didn't organize them by bundle, so there would be no way for you to differentiate by what games were or weren't in the Bundle for Racial Justice and equality.

I did find a website that might do some of what you want to search through the bundle's TTRPGs, linked here It doesn't let you sort games as specifically as I tried to do, but maybe that's for the best. Sorry for the long post, and sorry if it's not very helpful; I wish you luck as a fellow explorer of the TTRPG space.

awesome, thanks for the response!

Really highlights how rusty I am at typing, but it's a great concept executed very well!

this seems like a really novel and creative use of the Breathless system, and the whole presentation is really impressive. I’m excited to try it out!

Wow, what a bold concept! Is there a recommended minimum or maximum player count?

Looks very cool! Is there a recommended minimum or maximum number of players?

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I just finished playing for the first time and it went great! The gameplay is tense and addictive and the world and story laid out in the book are dark but engaging.

I largely focused on the mechanics and briefly imagined the narrative repercussions of my rolls in my head, but I think the game would be even more rewarding to those who want to flesh out their character's story by treating the results of rolls and character sheet decisions as journaling prompts. The game is written succinctly enough that focusing on the gameplay is fun, but evocatively enough that elaborate stories could be created by those so inclined.

The gameplay does a great job complimenting the genre it's residing in; it's a horrific world where corporations control everything (perish the thought!), and so the dice are stacked against the player from the get-go. As such, it's definitely useful to start playing with the knowledge that you'll be losing a lot, both in terms of your character's resources and in competition against your corporate enemies. With that in mind, it's a great time and I highly recommend it.

Very cool ideas here! It's impressive that you fit such a comprehensive game into two pages!

Fantastic! It’s always up in the air how many players we can wrangle to play a session, so that’s great news. Thanks!

My brother's birthday is tomorrow and this is exactly the sort of game he'd love, so I had to get it. Looking through the rules though, there's something I might be missing: Is there a suggested minimum or a maximum number of players for this game?

thank you so much!

I'm not sure if I missed it, but is there a minimum or maximum suggested number of players for this game?

Thank you!

Apologies, this might be a silly question, but is there a suggested number of players for this game?

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Wow, the tone of all of these games seems like exactly the kind of thing I'd love to experience in a TTRPG! Apologies if it's intentionally left open to interpretation, but is there an ideal minimum or maximum number of players these games could comfortably support?

Thanks very much!

Sorry if this is an ignorant question but I can't tell from the rules; does this game have a GM? and does it have a minimum or a maximum number of suggested players?

This game looks really interesting! Is there a suggested minimum number of players for this game?

thank you!

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Thank you!

This looks really cool! Sorry if it's a silly question, but how many players are suggested for this game? The book says "A few friends" and the actual play on the Kickstarter features three people, but I can't tell if it could include more or fewer players than that, and I'm trying to categorize the TTRPGs I've got by the number of players they support. 


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Is there an ideal number of players to play Iron & Lies?

I just bought the Solo but Not Alone bundle and this collection along with it, so I haven’t had the time to play any of these RPGs yet, but just from reading through the introductory descriptions of each game I’m enamored and suggest others buy this collection when they have the chance.

Lyric games or LARPS (or whatever you’d call these types of games that put you in a certain frame of mind without using intricate gameplay) don’t always resonate with me, but this collection seems really touching and powerful and exactly the kind of games I need right now; I can’t wait to try some of them out.

Sorry if I'm being really clueless; does this game have a GM and a preferred number of players? And am I good with just a regular set of polyhedral dice or are there any other items I need to play?

I hope this isn't rude to put here, but the game is still listed as singleplayer in the tags and hopefully, if anyone is looking at the page they'll see the title of this thread and be well-informed before purchasing. That being said, I got this in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality (which I'm only just now unpacking) and the game sounds really cool! I'm very interested to try this out once I can safely get a group of people together.