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even if you forgot, trick would still be smiling at you

I played them all in one sitting! i  didnt expect it to be this... amazing tbh. a lot of game in is made for shorter play... etc, but this one cause it's a series, the worlbuilding, the characters, conversations, it's really engaging and harmonized! like no one is out of character, each one is unique with their own struggle... the heavy topic that resembles the real world's but cleverly twisted and implented in this fantasy setting.. it's so good and i cant wait for part 7!!! it's really good..!

thank you so much for all your hard work!

so is monica straight? lolol

this game is great! the dialogue... the art...

btw i was a bit surprised when the ending came like oh shit it got black all of sudden and not pixelated lol

i'm still playing but so far i'm so in love with the characters and how they r written!! their interactions genuinely made me laugh.(out loud! not just in my head!)

this was so amazing!! i spent many hours trying to get the endings.. gumdrop is so cute! i agree her hair is cuter shorter but i dont want her to go through those pains:(

wow wow wow wow. i cant say enough to express my awe for this game... that scene at the ending???? i replayed this game idk how many times but i know for sure i want to see el happy godammit i fucking love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

really glad the fandom has you guys that contributed this... crazy professional level stuff!!