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I LOVED the use of the text speed and pauses in this!! The soundscape was so evocative too, especially where the sounds would emphasise certain pauses or moments in the conversation. Even with only a single background image and no voice work, I could practically see this getting acted out on screen or on stage! I loved the story too, between the unsaid words and the piiining :) Your game has made my day!

Loved this, from the one-screen framing / using the computer screen as the limited interaction zone, to the use of sounds and music. It all paired really well with the writing - wonderfully atmospheric and evocative!

I loved this game. I've also had a friend that I haven't reached out to for over a year now, and I could really relate to a lot of what Kris talked about. Thank you. This game gives me hope.

Really just a very soothing, relaxing experience! I especially liked all the little ways the game unfolds with the basement, radio, and plant, prompting the player to stay with the game longer and keep a more meditative pace.

This was super sweet and touching! The art and music worked really well to create a quiet atmosphere that was just lovely to take in for a while, and the protagonists are just so easy to like and root for!

Thanks for making such a sweet game, I had a lovely time playing it!

This was short, but incredibly lovely - the combined effect of the rain and train sounds along with the darker, warmer lighting worked very well to create a wonderfully cosy atmosphere! I also liked the general sentiment of having the player cook and talk at the same time, which reminded me of the manga Midnight Diner/Shinya Shokudo :) The only constructive suggestion I would have is maybe to make it easier to tell  between when something is starting to burn vs it being well done (sometimes the sparkles would appear on the side facing down and so would be harder to see). However, I'm certainly very interested the continuation of this game and wish you all the luck with it!

Hi, I think this is the same problem as the person above - I'm using Mozilla (67.0.4) here, but it works fine with Chrome & Microsoft Edge! :)