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A really fun rogue lite, but I should point out that maxing the shield upgrade makes the player unkillable. My shield would replenish faster than the invincibility frames disappeared.

A fun top-down survival experience that ended too soon. I like how the player's low health adds a lot of tension, as a single hit can set you back by costing a potential repair; it makes the simple and slow enemies way more intimidating.

This is one of the better incremental games I've played. Fun theme, upgrade decisions that matter, an end goal, and no rebirth mechanics to pad out the experience.

One question: Where did you find the sound effects used for the monster unlocks? Combined with short descriptions leaving much to the imagination, I got more chills than with most horror games. 

Really fun vertical shooting gallery. Timers/meters for powerup durations would be nice though.

It was fun for a few minutes, and the light mechanics attracting enemies has a lot of potential, but you become undetectable after a handful of muzzle flash upgrades, and the moths just hover in place as you mow them down. 

Maybe give them some patrolling AI so the player is never truly safe.

Or perhaps make the player just as blind as the moths. Make moths harder to spot in the darkness without your muzzle flash. An element of stealth would make them far more dangerous. 

I like the idea, but this game needs more player impute. It gets boring watching the maxed out house shoot 30 more waves of slow enemies. Perhaps let the player control the gunner, and implement new upgrades (Peirce, bullet velocity, house health, traps, etc.). 

Upgrades prices are glitched. Sometimes the next upgrade costs less than the previous, or even goes into the negative and giving the player free souls. Bullet count price drops to 0 after level 40 or so.

I love the idea of a horror-themed typing game, but maybe kern the font spacing a bit. The scratchy and jagged letters can be hard to read in longer words, let alone in time to type them. 

A score/survival time display would be nice too.