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This game is absolutely lovely!!! The art goes well with the haunted theme and is adorable! The music is spooky and super immersive. This game made me happy. The dialogue was funny and the game has great replay value.  

The waiting... icon created suspense and was well designed. 

I really like the twist on a classic game. The sound effects are spot on for immersion.  Overall, the game allows for greater depth and strategy than typical Connect 4. The one thing that might improve some users' experience would be a tutorial although the power ups are easy enough to figure out after a few rounds.

Love this game and the body language hope it will continue in the future! However for me it keeps getting stuck depending on the choices I select. 

The end made me so happy! Thank you!

Voice acting is incredible fun game and good use of narration! 

I really like this game because when you sort through all of the thoughts you slowly put the pieces together and the timer adds tension and pressure to get it right! 

The writing was amazing and so funny! I was waiting for a tree to attack me in the Forrest at the end. I loved this game thanks for making it!

Thank you!

Great Game Truly Awesome :)

Nice moment that really fits the theme! :)

I was hoping someone would make a game like this! 10/10 did not disappoint! :)