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thus it can

i wish u all the luck in the world

hmm wrong place m8

got the light green gun, and... uh... confuzed

no, we may not say a silent prayer for game characters


idk, POWER

oh, ok

alright, makes sense, sorry

i understand m8

bro just eat the fridge

why does dying spawn more enemies

plz make dashing more consistent

directional jumps require a tap

**this commentary is not meant to belittle or demean the characters of this story in any way** 

so i'm sitting here like, 'ok, it's nothing medical; she needs to see a psychologist/psychoanalyst/therapist to see if somethings there'

the game: 'you go to md after md but nothings showing up as wrong'

me: 'ya bc she needs mental care'

the game: 'keep looking for doctors?'

me: 'alright, find some psychologists'

the game: 'the medical doctors find nothing wrong'

me: "i said psychologists ashdfjkanjskdfnlfkja'

the game: 'look for more doctors?'

me: 'since u obviously mean MDs, no'

*game begins to end*

me: 'welp time to try again from the beginning'

yes, i agree, the birds are conducting a mass invasion of our trees

alright, actual comment time:

this game is amazingly written, with interesting characters and a good plotline

but take everything i say with a grain of salt as i am just a dumb 14y/o with no life experience

theres a hole in the ocean

aslo quick questions: recipes for ice gear? why the helium sacs?

more important is the helium sacs

very good game, much nice, such wow

Nice quiz, ended up being a Ravenclaw Primary, took a few more questions, ended up being Burnt Ravenclaw Secondary and a Slytherin model

yes, this feels like me

yeah, rip monk

i dont like the removal of the best class in the game

rip the monk class


that one's the best

FARA community · Created a new topic suggestions
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the ability to see enemy health points/stamina would be nice

HP/Stamina in numbers

have a question

it wont let me eat horns or staplers

mmm colors

but on a serious note this shit is amazin

very beautiful


i literally said "oh hey" out loud
the thing under the bed can't be a monster, right
there's no way this thing is evil


is it even possible to even find intelligent life in this gam

all right then, that just so happens to be a personal view

you are the creator after all

so, um... question, what are the genders of wraq and rune?

you dont have to answer this one

so good

"Creating the ultimate waifu"

these men had a noble quest 

i applaud them

gib bay


what i meant was

hedcanon-- rune and wreq are a couple who get together because their love of breaking pots

can i ask a question?

why is 'w' not the jump button when it does nothing else

it does nothing and it would be super helpful if 'w' was the jump button

just keep holding down d and you win