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Thanks for the tip!

What a lovely game! It blends cuteness with a sort of eerie, never-ending winter landscape in your pursuit of the Fox via simple puzzles, scavenging and letters. I haven't finished yet, but I think I'm encountering a bug in the underground portion of the game with the cubes? The blue and red cubes (after activation) keep going through the walls whenever I toss them, leaving me unable to complete the puzzle. Help?

Such a compelling, chilling dive into life in a cult compound as told through audiotapes and letters that you uncover as you make your way through the simple but eerie landscape. Great story, great visuals. Nice voice acting. The only issue I had was with the lighting . The mine shaft portion of the game was so dark that I gave up a few minutes in since I couldn't make heads or tails of where I was going. But I'll likely return to finish this game soon.  It sticks with you.