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Great game and good job @GamingZoom

Nice chapter , jumpscares is really cool ;) good job !

Hey , Nice game , Ambiance is really good ! 

Hello , nice experience , ambiance is really cool ;) 

Nice little game , ambiance is good :) My gameplay is here 

Nice short Demo ,  And sound ambiance is great , My gameplay is here ;)

Hey , very nice ambiance and sound , graphics is good , Thanks for the game , very good job for the demo !! 

Ok , thanks for the response

Ok very well ;)

Hello Very Nice demo game , ambiance is screepy , here my gameplay 

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Nice Game And graphics is great , just problem crash 4 x for next scene ;)  

Hey , Nice game , ambiance is good  , Great job !

Very nice concept game , amazing ;) 

Good , but i find that for my part some scary sound is missing on the stairs

Yes sry , i forgot to tell you

ok Thanks

Hey Max , even problem for me

Hey , very good v2.0 nice ^^ ;) Here my gameplay

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Oh ok , I wait patiently for the update , thanks you , and my name Holy78 is ok  

Hey , nice demo beta , i love SAW :)

Hey  graphics is beautiful , very nice short demo :)

My Gameplay on One Shot Demo 

Update release , One shot demo 

I should no be far from the end , nice little game , very good ! Here my Gameplay ! And Thanks for 30 mn play :)

Thanks you !

Yes I wanted to make a gameplay, but the time problem was complicated

New version upcoming ?

Thanks for the response ; 

I was almost going down the stairs, but I was missing the key, otherwise good games

Hello , why time for die ??

Hey Nice demo , ambiance is good my gameplay is here ;)

Thanks !

Oh Really ;)  arf

Hey .  Nice concept game , very good !!

Hey , nice game , ambiance is very good , I like !

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Nice Demo , very good game ;)  i like it

Yes , thanks you too for the game ,  I stay open for the rest :)

Nice Game version beta , Ambiance is very good , My gameplay is Here ! 

Nice game , my gameplay is here , good job :)

I confirm , is Ok