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Thanks for letting us know! Your game is beautiful and I can tell you've put a lot of love into it. I appreciate your hard work and as a fellow student seeking a professional degree I completely understand. I wish you the best and I can't wait to hear from you again in 2020.

Hello! I love love love your writing and the vibrant characters and worlds you've created. Your stories are so immersive and I can't wait to read more. BTW I absolutely stan your inclusion of POC and queer characters. 

I absolutely adored this game! It was so cute and genuinely hilarious. The narrator's comments are absolute gold. I personally have never played a roleplaying/tabletop game but this makes me want to give it a try! 

Hooray! Sorry I'm a bit technologically challenged sometimes! Thank you so much.

Hello not sure where to put this question but here goes: I want to play the demo before buying the game but I can't get it to work for my mac. When I click the mac download link it takes me to a google docs folder but neither of the downloadable files seem to be the game demo? Is there a way that I can play the demo on a mac?