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I made it myself! Here's a link:

This rules!

thank you so very, very much! Glad you dig it.

The magic system lets you be a big weirdo with your magic choices and it's not going to decontextualize on cast. Having all spells deal the same damage allows for more personal creativity for sure.

Would y'all be interested in defining some flavorful spells at some point? Everyone has a "Weird" in their head, but we all really dig your Weird.

Yeehaw! Thanks for saying something about it, would have never known otherwise. Have a great day!

I think I've gotten it worked out if you want to give it another try. Just download the v1.1 build :)

Dang that sucks. I don't have a mac so my test was done by a friend and I'm not sure which OS he had. I'll look into it this week :)

Thanks so much!

JEEZ! thanks so much! 

This is insane. That skip!

Amazing run!

Right on! Watching people get confused with a thing I made brings a special kind of joy. Like schadenfreude but friendlier.

RESPITE 2.0 community · Created a new topic Saving/Pausing?

It'd be hype if I could pause my  R E S P I T E  and return to the same section at a later time

this is a really nice piece of software that I will employ to help reduce my time wasting habits