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Hoping to have something soon :)  This project is my summer focus :)

Absolutely yes!

I'm in the process of getting assets designed now and then figure out where to go from there, I have a few different manufacturers I've been talking to :)

Hello!  Apologies for my silence! I did get sidetracked by Byte-Off IV and a follow-up project, but I'm getting back on this as my main project over the summer :)  It feels like a game that should release in the fall. 🎃

Love it! Keep up the awesome work!  Nice to see this picked up by someone who is clearly passionate about it :)

P.S. The in-game menu is beautiful! :)

Oh, awesome!  Thanks East, I'll look into that!  Nice to meet another NESdev! :) :) 

Hey thank you!! Excellent video, quite an entertaining review and playthrough to watch! Best of luck with your channel! Good content there; I'm subscribing :)

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Hi there! I'n still in the design phase, playing with the sprites to get them easier to view on the dark backgrounds and working out level maps.

I'd estimate maybe five to ten percent complete at this point. I'm taking my time to make sure it's done right :)

I'll be starting to post regular dev logs soon as well to keep you guys up to date 🐀👻

Thanks!! :)

Yes, it would require a complete recode at this point due to the version of Game Maker that is required now. But I agree it would be amazing!

Thank you for this! ☺️ This comment is the first thing I read this morning and it made my day :)

Just discovered this tool and I'm blown away.  Very slick, thank you!  I agree with Dale though, it would be so amazing to have the custom backgrounds in fullscreen.  We could do some fun stuff with that! :)  Thanks again for sharing this.

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Hello and welcome to the Holmade Games Bustina community!

To leave feedback or report a bug, please start a new topic in the appropriate category on the main community page!

Magic teapot of +10 night vision

🎊 The Main Community Page! 🎊

If reporting a bug please be sure to check that the same bug hasn't already been reported, and that you have the latest version of the game. If leaving feedback, thank you! Good or bad, it helps me make my games that much better. 👏🏻

Even if you came just to chitchat... Welcome again and HUGE thanks for your interest in my game.  I create my games in the cracks in time I find in my real life, so it means the world to me ♥️🙏

This game contains some double entendre and naughty jokes to make you laugh, but which should go over most young kids' heads.  I have kids as well, and my wife double-checked to make sure because we wanted our kids to be able to play.  But please use your own judgement of what you feel is appropriate for your children, and try it first if you are not sure. 😁👍

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This is a known bug with NESMaker games unfortunately. Sometimes if you go through text a few times in a row it'll get stuck, but it does come unstuck, I promise. I'm hoping to find a way to fix that in a future update.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!  I'll give your video a watch! :)

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I REALLY enjoy this game.  The levels are massive, the character and background art are beautiful, and the soundtrack rocks.  Gameplay is very fun and challenging.  The Halloween atmosphere is always a win, and executed well here. Will most definitely be picking up the physical edition too. :)

Awesome!  Follow me on; I'll be posting news of the physical release there first when it happens. :)  Thanks for checking it out! :)

He didn't forget about you! 👀


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Oh, no! Ok I'll look into what may be going on, in the meantime can you send me an email from the same email you used to purchase the game?  I will verify the purchase and send you the ROM 😀

I can't make any time commitments yet, but by late spring/summer I'm hoping to have some available :)

Thank you for playing and for the review! I'm so glad you are enjoying it!! 😊🙏

It's ok, I've got enough old NES boxes I can cut out my own seal ✂️😆

Thank you for these sentiments, that means a lot to me. 😊🙏

I'm glad you picked up on and appreciated the different vibes I put into it, that's very cool. Thanks for playing!

It definitely should with the right flash cart! I have not tested that though, and it won't have any  special colour palettes however.

Whaow!! In all the years since release I've never seen magic like that! Very strange, thanks for letting me know! Hopefully the code above can get you back where you were :)

Sorry you're having issues! That's a weird one - however that world does change a lot during it and I do believe there is a portion of the level that looks like the first level.

However, we do have a secret hidden in the game that may help you. To make up for the trouble, I'll post it here although I will warn this is from memory (I'll confirm later on): hold the letters 'D' and 'J' at the main menu screen for a level select screen ;)


This is an incredible update to the already fantastic NES version!  And OMG the soundtrack is just off the charts!  I've literally got the game on pause just jamming out to the world 3 music.  Hats off to you, Second Dimension!

Not at this time, no, but we are considering it.

This is great! Thank you for sharing! 🙏

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Love this game and SO happy to see it playable on Windows!! I, too, know the pain of iOS compatibility requirements. 

Many thanks! We're so glad you both enjoyed it! And super impressed that you guys beat it!! Way to go!!

Many thanks for the kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!  He certainly is a kind soul :)

Hi COERSA! At this time, it's only available for Windows PC.

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Very glad you enjoy it! :D  Thanks for playing and commenting!