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Whaow!! In all the years since release I've never seen magic like that! Very strange, thanks for letting me know! Hopefully the code above can get you back where you were :)

Sorry you're having issues! That's a weird one - however that world does change a lot during it and I do believe there is a portion of the level that looks like the first level.

However, we do have a secret hidden in the game that may help you. To make up for the trouble, I'll post it here although I will warn this is from memory (I'll confirm later on): hold the letters 'D' and 'J' at the main menu screen for a level select screen ;)


This is an incredible update to the already fantastic NES version!  And OMG the soundtrack is just off the charts!  I've literally got the game on pause just jamming out to the world 3 music.  Hats off to you, Second Dimension!

Not at this time, no, but we are considering it.

This is great! Thank you for sharing! 🙏

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Love this game and SO happy to see it playable on Windows!! I, too, know the pain of iOS compatibility requirements. 

Many thanks! We're so glad you both enjoyed it! And super impressed that you guys beat it!! Way to go!!

Many thanks for the kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!  He certainly is a kind soul :)

Hi COERSA! At this time, it's only available for Windows PC.

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Very glad you enjoy it! :D  Thanks for playing and commenting!

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This is such a worthy cause. You have our full support. Please include our game Purple Chicken Spaceman.

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Hi everyone! We originally published our game, Purple Chicken Spaceman, exclusively to Xbox One. However when we wanted to spread out to PC, seemed the right way to go, with its ease of updates, custom game pages and app. That was back in the summer and since then we've been putting our mobile games here too because we love it so much.

But I realized we hadn't been sharing anything in the community... so here we are :) Please check out Purple Chicken Spaceman. It's a side-scrolling space shooter with cartoon graphics and a crazy soundtrack.  We've also tried to make it brutally difficult in the most fun kind of way, as we have fond memories of pitching NES controllers at TVs. ;) We hope you like it! If you're a fan of Parry Gripp, you're in for a treat, music wise. ;)