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This game is so HECKIN FANCY!    I love what I've seen so far and can't wait to play through everything thoroughly.    I have aborbed this into my collection!

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This game is so frickin stylish and i like that it asks for a little more interaction than most VNs with its typing game.  I hope I get to see more of thisstory because I like what I saw so far.

Edit: I love that waiting is a legit option.  

A cute short story.  It kind of reminded me of the cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid.  Its got an adorable and unique art style that's reminiscent of crayon drawings.  The music for the first area is a little grating but I thought this was wonderfully cute.  I have absorbed this into my collection.  Also I kind of want a parfait now...

An absolutely adorable short story.  Its got some of the cutest character art in the universe, and an interesting enough narrative.  Appears to have multiple endings as well as I got a little note that said True Ending, so I'll need to play it more later.  Has a maximized teddy bear stat. Absorbing this VN into my collection

Cute little VN,  no choices or animation, but its got an interesting little story to it and the art is pleasant.  I have absorbed this into my Yuri VN collection!