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So, here we are. Being a gamer since I was like 15 (which was in 1986, though) I am really, REALLY picky about what I do waste my time with (according to my better half) and being a skier myself for 40+ years, all of a sudden I stumbled upon this just today and I don't even know why or where. Steam, probably.
And please let me say that really clear: this is even in alpha (pre-EA) and really limited, it's such an addictive little game. Couple minutes in and you will find yourself fiddling around where that ski run could use another slight swing. Or if it might be better to create a black run for the experts. Or a blue one for the beginners. Or maybe some intermediate with a little red?  

I really can't wait to see the progress you guys will make. Day/Night cycle, that is supposed to be awesome! Also can't wait for Kickstarter, AFAIK it might come sometime early 2020? Well, however, count me in, Snowtopia has a big chance to become something incredibly exciting! 

Thanks so much for your hard work