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A member registered May 22, 2018

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Your 15 minute 100% run is not working for some reason I have no idea why

exotic please resubmit your 15 minute run in 100%

Good job on the no damage run of the game. I believe there is improvement in the 100% run. Again very good job.

Exotic your run did not have you collect the fourth item. I realize it is very hard to collect the health upgrade and the key and the item from the shop. But you must collect all of those 

Exotic currently I have no rules for Any%  what do you think I should add

I just verified it but to say a recorder I use OBS.

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Yeah I started speed running the game. My record is 3:43. I want to show people the game. I would like to see exoticpanda submit a run on the Leaderboard.

Hello I am Hold678 I am the moderator of the Knightin' category on the website Here is the link: (It is still work in progress)