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Hold My Horses

A member registered Mar 16, 2019

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Just found out about this game today. I love anything cyberpunk inspired (Snatcher-esque) and I love the atmosphere and art direction this game has chosen. I look forward to further updates as this game has a ton of potential to be great.

A few problems I noticed: 

- Issues with getting stuck on invisible objects.

- Only able to fire right, left firing just gets stuck in the air. I was able to build a "ladder" using the discharge.

- Not being able to jump in certain areas.

- Not being able to crouch and shoot.

- Some ladders I was not able to climb and some I could. Also, maybe increase the descent speed when going down a latter.

I understand that this is still in early stages, just wanted to point out a few quick issues that I'm sure the developers are already aware of. I am genuinely looking forward to this and will donate more in the future with further releases!