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I am a profesianol Yelper, My job is a human citizen is to care for the love of my loved ones, yestrday I adopted a 8 year old and he decided to play Last Bust Home. I told him alright because the game is for 5 and above. But his gorila went crazy and ended up murding our entire family can I please have a refund because i am tramatized and will need to go see therepy. DO NOT RECOMMEND IT WILL MAKE YOUR TINGLES GO BINGLE. My parents disowned me and my husband came back from intense heart surgeys. Thank you for reading DO NOT PLAY. 

Majik you will be hearing from my lawyer.

Sir Histor, me and my 5 year old child were hoping to have a fun night out. And when we entred to living room it didn't register. I would like my money back and can I please speak with your supervisor and accountant, You guys will be hearing from my lawyer,

Thanks great game!

lol still trying to get it, is there a specific platform, like linux or Mac to use it with? Because it says no platform to use it with.


the music matches beautifully 

ty, and no problem


lmao you can get opera gx and then play for free