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is melting point gonna start getting more content again?

So first, there is a new build on patreon but aviable for everyone

Second, the devs have said that they will start slowing game dev, not that they abandoned it. 

All i know is that they took a break, or at least that they have chilled down with updates. 

just for people that were curious :)

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I relly have no project for this, but i think i have to get it just becouse it looks so rad

Just for 2 bucks is an amazing art pack, even if you are not making a game, it has some insane desktop scenes and amazing characters

the amount of fixes and additions in this update is, like, insane. I´m so hapy to like a game with such a great dev team

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easily one of the best games i tried, and I tried a lot of RPGs

I love this game men, I first played it in a shitty website back in 2020, and im still hoping the devs make it work, its just such a good game me

Men, Im really looking forward to Pink tea games men, Elven quest was so good.

This part killed me xd

Sooo, does it count as a Rich Roll if you get baited with The Bee Movie? xd