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This may be an unfinished prototype from nearly ten years ago, but I would still absolutely buy this on day one if a full version were ever to be released. Love the concept of train travel as the main game mechanic: the waiting, and the liminal spaces; love the art style and music and just the general atmosphere. Even the way you enter and leave the game is original and charming (and a little spooky). Wonderful little game.

For years now this has been my go-to game when I don't quite want to go to bed yet but it's too late in the evening to get lost in a larger game. This is, and I'm not exaggerating, A Perfect Game. Simple yet clever idea, smoothly and stylishly executed, with a sense of humour, a lot of cuteness, and - always a big plus with me - surreal architecture. That it's all very relatable is the cherry on top. The oddest thing is that usually timed challenges stress me the fuck out - but somehow, this game got through my aversion to that, and after a little practice I got quite good at it, and now it's pretty much the only timed thing in gaming that I really enjoy.

Finally a game with an adequate number of cats!

Same problem here. :-(