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This game is SO cool, and I absolutely love the Youtube-esque mechanics. Five stars!

This was SO good for a free game, like, I was completely blown away. Very spooky, I love the stream chat mechanic it's super topical and a lot of fun, and the graphics were really good too imo. I'd love a longer game just like this, and I'd pay for it too. Well done!

R.I.P. detective and client

Really fun!

Really fun game! I love the art and the music, it really sets the tone! The puzzles are intuitive and fun, I would absolutely pay for a longer game with these same mechanics.

Adorable animation (until it isn't) and SUPER spooky. A lot of horror games are too intense for me but because this was pretty short and there wasn't overwhelming gore, I enjoyed it!

Always been such a huge fan after I found limerick quest, and this game just went above and beyond! It was extremely challenging, the hints were well designed, and that rush when I solved the final puzzle was like nothing else. Excellent work! I've never played a game by you that didn't delight with your wonderful rhymes and ingenious wordplay.

Very satisfying, and for what it is, it's an excellent game

This was a very hard game for me, the answers aren't super apparent, but it's short and sweet! I actually had to look up a walkthrough...but it was super adorable, and it doesn't take up too much of your time. I would highly suggest!