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Good puzzling! I hit R a lot. 

heck yeah

This is a really clever use of the loot box theme!


incredible! I love the bee facts, the gameplay, and just being a shitty pigeon.

I learned something about bees! nice.

bee sopwith!!! 🐝! I love it.


it made me draw art and I got stressed! :V I'm going to have to come back to it and play it all the way through.

nice nice nice

it's got everything! I love it



I love that this is an 8k DOS game.

🐝 puns! Nice!

this is the most poignant VN about loot boxes I've ever played 😭

this is the future!


nice! 🕊️

did you use Ink?

playing cards to interact with a puzzle grid is a cool idea that I at least haven't seen before!

it would be cool if you submitted a build rather than a Unity project, though! (also, when packaging up a Unity project, omit the Library folder :o )


I like it! Thank you for embracing the bee theme!

I'd be curious to see that, sure!