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Kept getting an issue where the menu wouldn't go away even when opened, but changing my browser seemed to fix it, really good fun to play with cute character design!

Thank you for playing, there was a menu to go back to the main menu when in the game, though we had an issue near the end of development and had to backtrack to an earlier version without that menu unfortunately, but it was still fun to make.

Thank you for playing and rating! Admittedly with the Main Menu and the Game Over / Victory screens I did try to make them look as tacky and as bad as possible, partly for silly reasons and partly because I miss the really old flash games.

Really fun to play, nice unique take on it

Really enjoyed this, great character design and the game was very fun and pleasant to play

Fun game, though it did randomly give me a game over every so often but I couldn't seem to find a way to force it to do this.

Really fun and unique.

Fun to play solo, and with a friend.

Really good fun, cute graphics and the soundtrack was nice.

Really enjoyable, love the music and atmosphere. A delight to play

Cute and quirky with potential, a nice beginner project.

Fun and charming