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alright, i got some complaints. you don't have to fix these, but here's why i'm not a huge fan;

1. the camera
i physically can't turn the camera around. only slightly to the left, forwards, and slightly to the right.

2. the turning speed
it's so painfully slow when i turn. at first i'm walking at a normal pace, then i press the right arrow and suddenly i'm one-hit KO'd by a tentacle and i die.

i am, however, a fan of the graphics. i'm a sucker for retro-looking video games so you got me there. i adore the ps1 looking style of the game, but i don't like the gameplay as much. all in all, 4.5/10

very fun, but also hard and challenging. it's enjoyable enough to make you want to play more but also hard enough to make it a challenge. 10/10

very good game. kind of sad, but also super cute. the sprite work is amazing and i adore the ghost dog. he's just so cute. all in all 10/10 would play again

hey there, really nice game. i played it without sound and even then it spooked me. very spooky very nice 10/10 would play again