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Awesome game! Was bummed when I 100% everything except settlers, but it was maxed (greyed out) at 10

I love this! oh, the somber atmosphere

You're very talented

Awesome sauce! :D

Cool, thanks for the reply! Good luck to you too, and again, good luck to all participants!

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I guess I'll just ask here ( I created a separate thread for this :p ):

Can I start creating assets and stuff now, or should I wait out of respect for the jam? You said anything goes, but I don't know what that entails. I'm not sure if the start date for the entries is a deadline window or a start date for the entire project.

Thanks! Although you created the event, are you participating as well? :)

& Please have a look at the thread I created; I've got ideas cooking I'm just itching to implement! I can't wait to start creating assets for this!

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Can we start now, or should I wait until submission window? I'm going to be very respectful of the sanctity when it comes to getting into jams :)

I'm so excited for this theme!! Best of luck to all submissions!

EDIT: Question answered by Host in bul71's post 'Perso intro.'

Good luck! This is my second game jam planned (with my first ever coming up in December - Ludum Dare 40)