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Hey, do you mind making save slots in the game? I have had a few issues with getting far in the game, taking a break, and when opening to the title screen I click new game naturally. Even after immediately closing out I have to start over. Thank you

I can't program aside from reverse engineering, but if you found a way to send me the folder containing the game, i could look into it to fix it? or send you my version ( it might work?)   

wish i could be more helpful, but from what I can tell as of yet, you are unable to pick them back up, unlike tools that the recycler can process  

Use a shovel to dig ( in brown dirt), then plant sapling, the cereal im not sure about yet

Working with Gears and & Crude tools

I found myself stuck when the metal gears were not the same as 'gears'. I could not make certain things such as a normal worker bot, or a windmill. I then found myself unable to make other creations due to my crude tools not being what they wanted (they asked for wood, not crude) and thus would not work. I have beat the game (from what i can tell) and love it. I could use some help, thank you...

P.s - boats would be nice so we could explore the rest of the world. :) 

Do you have a snapchat? or another form of communication? I loved your Video! and it even made me want to download the game. Have a great day, and thank you. :) (snapchat: Nicknametait)