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its hard...but its also fun, I can use this to train my typing skills 

so thanks for making this game:)

i like easy modcharts like this

hey man 

can you put downscroll(like on osumania) version im not too good on upscroll

This is a great game a very addictive game(best score 32)

I hope this get an android port so I can still play even I don't have my loptop.

I enjoy this game a lot even its still a demo

Q:will You make any plans android port if the game gets stable enough?

you use controller here not keyboard

very hard+very fun game

nice game even its in alpha phase:)

i hope it has difficulty setting and custom map maker in the full version

i will wait for the full release

custom engine nice

Nice game but how you can put that many charts and music on a 4kb rom.

Nice fangame and also nice update for android controls because its very hard playing it in touch screen.

And also can you add run in battle