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Yep! I’ll be expanding on it for the steam release. It’ll be a bit though.

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I’ll put up a linux build, my only disclaimer is that I don’t have a linux machine to test it on!

Probably not. Maybe lewd but not fully NSFW. There's a bath scene that was cut from the game that I wanna add back in for steam tho!

I'll make a note of the text speed glitch and get to work on it! As for the writing it was a time thing, but I'm planning on expanding the scope of the game/adding in cut content for a steam release!

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It's all PG-13 and therefore stream safe.

EDIT: I think there's ONE topless doodle of Kara in the credits so just skip the credits if you play it on stream.

There was unfortunately a lot of content that had to be cut for time's sake. But in the coming months I'll be working on adding the cut content back in for a release on steam!