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Wooo the black background is back, my eyes are no longer dying

Alpha 0.01 is ancient. indeed. a gift given by mrdrnose.


I Agree.

Welp, atleast you helped us pass the 666th comment... time for 1000


You get the 666 ending (answer every 6th question with 666 on viktors floor), get killed by Follower, then open the game at 12:00 AM

Its a sign..

Nikitos is doing it.

oh for gods sake.

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I Just found a bug... i recorded the bug so you can see what happened on the language level:  video is here 

Edit: Marzia just jumpscared me even though i was in my sanity dying animation.


i knew i was missing something in my life

Theres a new test menu that can allow you to play History and Language on any mode

No. i just dont want things going too far.

Oh jeez... lol

i only played Lil Puss mode just for a joke, i didnt think Phonty or Puppet would appear.

Uh, oh thats a sign

what does ''woz'' even mean? also we dont want satanists. this game has gore but still. it has SOME satanic things INGAME. but not on forms please.

mrdrnose, when Phonty killed me on Lil Puss mode. and i completed the first language notebook after death by him, he came in and killed me after i completed the first notebook. wtf.

uhm..... you scare me mentally.

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oh, and thanks for the spam.

With what exactly? did you even read when i said its ''Inspired'' and ''Fun''?

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Another comment to make up to almost getting 666

so did the one below.

and the one below does not know what ''Inspired'' or ''Fun'' means. baldi was goofy at some times. while this one is focusing on horror.


i feel so bad for you absol.

Never found it, so no idea.

Aint we in a bit of a pickle?


Its prob like the 8th level of hell. if this is part of hell.

Dang, this would be a cool mechanic actually.

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i also forgot to say that i completed language without the belt.

it took 2 days due to friggin phonty and marzia camping behind doors. and the crafting of the black key. and ARRRRGH it made me go insane after 40 tries... no joke...

if i dont get added thats fine. i completed my challenge

I Made a video on the Rust Maze and what happens when the creature kills you, the first time i entered the maze i was actually scared

but anything thanks to absol again. otherwise i would have never gotten the Belt

Nice to know

I Only had to sacrifice 1 NUTS bar.


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Right, thanks for letting me know. (SCP-4002 may be useless in this level tbh)

i dont have the rusty knife to chop it

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SCP-4002 in the first level?

is this a glitch?

And also mix, the trash can glitch does not work in any versions of advanced education now. unless you sent me the 0.06 ver.

Thanks, this will really help

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For some reason when i enter the area with the little mini rooms (sometimes with math notebooks) i randomly lose sainty instantly by opening a door.

also can someone send me the map of the Math Level, so i can get the belt? thanks

and lastly how do you get a knife artifact?