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Hey, thanks! I wish I could have gotten to the gameplay ideas I had planned, but I'm glad you enjoyed what little was there.

This was awesome. Great work.

Wow, thanks for trying it out. Sadly those are the only two endings. This was made for a game jam, so some parts of it were definitely cut out. So I can see why you'd feel there was more to it. 

But it would be cool to return to this one day...

This is really cool. I hope someone puts this to use.

Excellent demo, can't wait for more

Oh that's interesting, I actually never tried the itch app. Glad you figured it out, I'll look into that.

Yes to all those questions. You've done great! Keep going!

Thanks for playing. I'll get that worked out. I believe that's linked to frame rate and I've had some issues getting the fps to lock correctly. I'll get it fixed though.

A Mac version will happen, but the process of porting and making sure everything is correct is very tedious without a Mac myself. I can't say for sure when, but I believe it could be completed alongside the 2nd (much larger) Demo.

Unity :)

Oh wow, I just realized that this is the 32bit version. Uploading the 64 now. I should have had both up in the first place

Writing for sure needs some more attention.  I hadn't gotten anyone besides myself to read it over so I wasn't sure what needed to be improved. So this points me in the right direction. 

Thanks for the honest feedback, it really helps a lot.

Wow, I didn't know that. I'll try to get that figured out. 

Regarding the first puzzle, I think a quick solution to that, that I should have thought to include is a displayed Name for each of the items. That way you know exactly what the tool is. Like that one in particular, isn't a window cleaner lol. So that's my bad, I should have made that more clear.

(1 edit)

I was looking through my text to find where this happened, but I'm thinking it must happen in the End, where you review all of the Objects you chose. I definitely missed that! (Was an oversight not testing that line using every Item Combination)

Going to fix that up, thanks for playing!