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I thought it was a great game to study English words.

I like geography so I thought it was a very interesting game.

The idea is novel and interesting.

It was difficult for me and I couldn't clear it. However, I had a hard time with the illustrations you made.

It's a very technical and interesting game.

I thought it was a very nice idea. I felt the difficulty of making a map.

It was a very interesting game. I was interested in the technology of collision detection on the wall.

It's a very interesting game of ideas.

I wish I had a little more of your idea.

I thought the effects and music were great.

I thought the bullet speed was a little too fast. But it's a great technology.

I felt very high technology. I like the countries of the world, so I would like to play more later.

I was surprised at the very high technology and ideas. It's a great game.

I thought it was a great technology. I thought it would be nice to make a sound when jumping.

I'm not familiar with programming, but I found it to be a great technique. Music is also made and I like it very much.

I thought it would be better to have more of your ideas.

Hello, I am hiroki.

I am studying life science.

My hobby is game.

My favourite game is mario kart.

I will make a  education game for this jam.