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Really enjoyed the game! Lots of DBD references during my stream of it :D! Turned it into a youtube-short:

Damn that was so good! Am new to backrooms and this was a good point to start <3 would mean the world if you checked out my vid :)

I need more!!!

I had so much fun with this! Hope you like the edits, would mean the world to me if you checked this out <3

Loved the game, did a stream and uploaded an edited youtubevideo about it! Would love to see a part 2

Great game, actually made me sit down and create my first heavily edited video!

Couldn't withstand the never ending army of rats, but it was fun for the attempt

Loved the idea, had me go "WTF" for the most part :D


Reminded me of an urban horrorstory from my childhood. Had a good atmosphere and well done scares!
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This game had me immersed into it's eery atmosphere right away. The jumpscares made my soul leave my body everytime!

I love the idea of the game, went for a speedrun attempt after 2 playthroughs! 

Mind you, I had the 'RONA while recording, that's why my voice is extra hot :D