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No way.

I just finished both games and I can't stop smiling. I played Infested first and it's amazing to see the jump in quality, especially considering I was already enamored with Infested. The visuals and music are absolutely enchanting in Spectacle and I loved the story. It played out like a short, classic book I would have read over and over as a kid. There is so much love and skill poured into these.

Infested is a ton of fun, but this is something else. It's a complete, polished package and now I'm so much more excited for Beyond Shadowgate! Jeff, Orie, and Jason should all be incredibly proud. You guys are still fools for not charging me anything! Thank you for these experiences and I wish you all the best.

FINE. I just pledged for Beyond Shadowgate. Best wishes for the future and be well!

??? Why are these games free? Is that a mistake or are you really that cool?

"Could not find a top-level .pdx file." I think the file format is whack.

This is a good read and very helpful. Congratulations to you and Choosh!

I started by making the middle cross, then I pressed against the walls to escape. Does that help at all?

I'm looking forward to the update!

I just beat Skwish and had a great time. I would say a completion time of two hours is accurate, but it's pretty concentrated fun and it unlocks the score mode. I REALLY wish there were perfect or par scores for each of the levels though. I think that would've given it a ton more replayability and I'd definitely play another few hours. (I also really just wanted to fill up 40 stars or check-marks or whatever).

I love the music! I turned off my podcast to listen to it while playing. The menu music is great too. I wish it cycled between the songs, because I was rarely at the menu and never for longer than five seconds. I'm chilling at the menu to listen to the music right now. The animation successfully makes everything good and squishy. It looks great in motion and the overall presentation is polished. There's a bit of lag when spamming undo with large blob formations, but it doesn't get in the way.

The first levels tutorialize the basics seamlessly. It was paced very well. Levels are mostly simple, but smart. Finally, this is the first sideloaded game I've seen that has custom wrapping paper!! All the little stuff on a solid puzzle base makes for a charming game. I think the demo is easily worth your time. Thanks for reading!

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The physics system feels really, really good. The inability to control the speed of your shot is not fun with these levels (actually, I just reread the description and I think I'm a dummy that didn't do it properly). The hole detection is frustrating. Determining the correct letter seems like a pointless step, just change it to one regular hole with other obstacles (although it does make for a great title).

I can't stress enough how good it feels to knock the ball around and hit walls and boosts. It's such a strong foundation for a killer golf game. I just read a comment that the dev is working on another, similar game. I'm very excited to play it!

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I'm at 20 (33 now, suckers), but I know I can do better. It controls well, but is still surprisingly hard! This is a good use of the crank and an absolutely perfect "show someone your playdate for 5min" kind of game. It's simple, polished and absolutely worth $1.

I can do a 14 second toilet roll. These are great. I'm looking forward to Sentient Ball and High Five King.

P.S. Bass Ball's hit counter is bugged.

Hey, you cracked my screen! (pretty fun game)

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It's pretty satisfying to use the crank to aim and shoot. Music is proper funky.

I don't know exactly what happened, but when scratching for the second time I was unable to set down the cue ball and had to reset. I haven't had the issue since.

I love the angry horse music.

It's really fun! Reminds me of the flash games I used to like from a little over ten years ago.

It's a complete, polished package and very fun. I love the way that the trapdoors feel and the sound design brings a ton of charm.

Endless mode is ridiculously hard wtf!

I love this game.

I sunk about 40 hours into this in a week until I finally beat Unfair. Everything about the game is great except no music and I just want more stuff!

Catching stuff is fun, the sound design is nice and calming, and the dynamic water physics add a lot. It's really great! I still have to catch two things.

I love everything about this game EXCEPT you can't use the crank to scroll through the journal! Also, more fish, but maybe you could just do different colors of these fish?

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Hi, sorry. Long comment. Minor issues and how this game's pretty rad.

1. Crash before starting level A-16.

-I think it crashed after the menu selection and before the animation with the ship plays.

-I was forced to reset the playdate using the reset switch.

-I'm running version 1.7

-I had been playing the game for the first time until then. The level works fine now that I start the game again and select it.

-I was given a "you need to restart your playdate. Hit A for [something]. Hit B for [something]", but before I could read it, it had switched to this error screen:

game.lua:1515 attempt to index a nil value
        (upvalue 'aBtn')
stack traceback:
    game.lua:1515: in function 'killClearedAbtn'
    CoreLibs/timer.lua:292: in local
    CoreLibs/time.lua:334: in field 'updateTimers'
    game.lua:260: in function 'gameUpdate'

2. Issues with the teleporters "matching" single blocks. This issue is resolved if you hit undo and try again. I can't reliably replicate these glitches, but I think it has happened a few times (90% sure it's not me misunderstanding game mechanics. maybe 85%.)

3. Issues with text being stuck on screen when asked to restart a level (I think after a fail state). And, not a glitch, but I don't like that it replays the level name animation over when I undo to the beginning of a level. I just want to spam B to get to the beginning state of a level.

4. When I select a world that I haven't unlocked, it plays the animation of the cross-hair in a way that seems awkward and confusing.

5. I very much enjoy the game. Besides the crash, it runs and looks great! I feel that I am able to make these nitpicks because the rest of the package is so appealing and fun. The puzzles are pretty clever so far and I definitely want to try to clear all 200. The menus are extremely cool.

Thanks for reading my comment. Be well.