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Reminds me of the Stanley Parable a little bit

I knew that ending was coming so I just stared at the "danger" (No spoilers here) and stood there for about five minutes until I just gave up and turned around.


Reminds me of cry of fear: the monsters and the shooting mechanics

Im curious is there some sort of hidden meaning behind this or is it just designed to help you test out effects and the like within a short game?

I wish there was a way to block attacks at least for a short period of time, but I still found it pretty easy to stay alive. Enough health/mana supplies were available so that death was not frequent. Overall the game ran well, and there is simplistic, yet easy to understand mechanics. Very well done.


The darkness before entering a room is terrifying

same for me

So long ago...

Short but very entertaining game. I enjoyed especially the cleverly made weapons. Overall very nice job on this top-down shooter!

Its a great start=)

Neat and very challenging game. I love doom so this game really striked my interest

just download the game zip one and the game should work

sounds good thx bro:)

Neat game it would be cool if u could buy things with the bronze but still cool=)

Very neat puzzlelike game. It had me stumped a bunch of times. nice work=)

i don't get it....

OMG I BROKE THE GAME LOLOLOLOL! Very good game i liked the text.

Hello there i find one error in this game and that is the jumping. Instead of jumping manually(by pressing spacebar) the rectangle character keeps jumping. This makes it hard to get past the first part of the game(i did it once but died soon after so it is possible to get past). If u could fix this jumping effect i would greatly appreciate it but of course it is not required since this game is free and all. Still thx for making this game it is very nice looking and except for the jumping effect its pretty fun=)

If u added maybe some extra pathways and an enemy AI whom chases u around this game could be a bit better. But nice job making all the levels for a small game=)

Good game but I would first put what the controls are in the description so people can read your full texts=)

i appreciate the honesty bud. That was my first game i will try to make more easier ones in the future:)

I liked the game very simple and to the point. I made a game recently but it sucks compared to this one=( But still very nice job.