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Wow! I'm sold. Thank you for the reply and the sneak peeks. Looking forward to it!

Intriguing! Well written, polished and laid-out. Will there be a city for these vehicles to put the rubber to the road of? Wait. What? :P

Lovely and sweet. We should use a 3D printer easy bake oven and make cookies out of these yummy girls. Wait.. :P

And I didn't even have to ask for it. Thank you!

You did a wonderful job. 

Damn. Looks like I have to go back to Detective school. Dang it!

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I believe the "singleplayer" tag is the culprit as to why this one doesn't show in game assets. I have bookmarked the search of this site with the "voxel' tag, sorted by 'Most Recent.' This is the only one of your models that doesn't show up.

How'd you know? Right up and down my alley. I had intended to use Magicavoxel for animating videos again, about a Suicide Detective. This is along the bloody lines of what I wanted. Death and torture devices, and the like. Thank you. :)

You didn't forget and you actually made it. Thank you.

So cruel, yet so cool.

Thank you. I'm happy either way. 

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Thank you kindly! However, these are just as useful and important. 

How about some bushes (hedges)? ;)

You're the balance between simplicity and detail. I was just recently on the search across most 3D website sellers for a specific tree in voxels but there's either very basic ones or ones with an absolute overkill of voxels that push the GPU higher than the top of the tree. Thank you!

I'm not holding out on this getting fixed, but the other pack is the same from what I can tell. You just have to take two single windows and piece them together. Anyway, I'd love to see more from this artist.

I like and appreciate the innovation you're bringing to voxel art.


Butterflies next?

Voxel Window T2 community · Created a new topic Oh no!

It's just a PNG. :(

Voxel Wall Clock community · Created a new topic Just a PNG

Was this intended? :P

Absolute nostalgia done perfectly!

My man, let's see some more!

My pleasure and thank you. I'm looking forward to it. You're the man for the job.

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Love your disclaimer at the top! Mad respect.

Thank you! Looking forward to an Environment pack bundle in the future. :P

I watched the gameplay from one of the posters below and I must say this is one of the best pieces of art and story. Trust me, I had a very strong fear and phobia of zombies more than half my life and have had thousands of nightmares involving zomies. While also being a big fan of Silent Hill, I'd say you've created something of a masterpiece that can be respectfully placed right next to Silent Hill. "Huh? Radio. What's going on with that radio?" - Harry from Silent Hill 1. He also says you need to make a Silent Hill pack, even though some packs are just as fitting and rich in that detail and feel. Anyway, well done! Bravo!!

This would put a big smile on Luc Besson's face. This looks really good and fun.

You know what would be neat? A retro recreation of the shed from the Evil Dead 2.

You're a kind gentleman. I just sent you an email.  Thank you.

Wow! That's awesome! God to hear. Must be why it came to my mind!

One thing that's been on my mind when viewing your art is how voxel speech bubbles and text would look. That's just me wanting to focus more on animation and dialogue. Still, I don't know how I'd even animate it. 

You know what would make a great pack? A pack based on John Carpenter's The Thing. You're the only man to do it. Bring on the voxel Thing!

Would be neat to make short videos with this. Kind of like a vlog with inspirations taken from the film "Moon."

I've spent a lot of time viewing your work. I need to purchase the cheapest packs first and rob my way to get the big packs. Or.. just get this and get a job at the mall. :)

One can't groan over another zombie pack, but rather moan with joy at just how good this is. There are no words just BRRRAAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNSSSS! i grew up with a very strong fear of zombies. So, in a way, I survived my own zombie apocalypse Only thing missing from these zombies are some missing teeth... or is it that they're all missing? Haha. :D.

Just how I like my women, in pieces! ;P

Incredible! Neill Blomkamp would no doubt hire you if he saw your work.

Why not save $10 off of Diablo 4 and buy this instead? Hehe.

I've wanted to do something with a detective but i'd need crime scene props and such. 

Do you do custom work, mon frère?