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Does this fix the double screenshotting thing? Every time I press 0 in the previous build it creates two identical screenshots at once.

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Meow. This is the Take A Rest Cat. The world of long jobs is big and ever-magnetic. Remember to lay true to taking a rest!

Of course. First games are a big deal!

I should probably try the game again, now that I've just this week turned off the custom setting I had in my browser that magnifies everything by 1.2 times. It was unfair on the graphics that they were not being displayed properly by my browser.

Now, I consider myself a pretty good-brained geometry-understanding dude, but... man, that level I got stuck on still scares me when I think about it.

Interesting puzzle game, here. I thought it was very straightforward and that I'd seen it before at first, but then I got to level 7 and had my brain have to work a lot - and realized the puzzling it asks you to do has something unique about it. I also was not smart enough to beat level 8.
Anyway, what this is really about is a heads up: there's a bug in the game that makes control of which snail freeze and "softlock" the snail that still should be able to move, when you use a box to push the snail that's not selected into its correct goal flag, even though it's still pretty easy to reset the level and continue playing if you do that.

I'm gonna be fair - I don't know why I didn't try that. Pressing escape, I mean. If I'm remembering that right. I think maybe I'm just conditioned to see no way out of a game when a Unity logo on a background suddenly spreads across the whole screen ever since I drew graphics for 32D...

I did it. I beat the game, getting all eleven out of ten steaks. Now I deserve a real steak, which is fine because I actually have one in the other room waiting for me. At times I was pretty boss with my maneuvers, I was like "hohoh! You can't get me, owlios! {;-0" I still haven't figured out what's significantly different between a Brazilian house and a New Zealandian house.

The game is not perfect, but it's clear that that doesn't matter considering what you were trying to do, and it looks like a first game - it's a decent platformer for being one of those, too.

At least you didn't make the terrible mistake that another thing I recently played did, which was that of playing a loud-drawn out eating sound with no warning for people with misophonia at all. I mean, yeah, point is, I'm pretty grateful that your steaks just sound like a salt cylinder shaking once when you collect them. Nothing wrong with unrealistic food sounds. A plank hitting another plank would be better than hearing the real thing.

One thing that I think is important enough to lend critique is the way closing the game is handled. I think probably all operating systems have an easy shorthand on the keyboard for closing any application with mouse focus, but not everybody is going to know what that is on which computer type they're using at the moment, or they'll probably just not care for that hotkey being the only way out. Even if there's no vaguely-complex menu system and there's just a hotkey put into the game like "press Q for quit" and it's signposted, that can make a world of difference.

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Damn, I couldn't get any turns to complete. I'd just select counters and have them disappear while the Roll count stayed on zero. I also may have not known that this was a 2 player game and tried to treat it as 1 player with a CPU, but I doubt that this matters because I couldn't get any amount of players to do something.

Also my side's Itch Io text field is bugged so it makes me look like somebody who willfully types bad line breaks while commenting.

Cool! Thank you for playing Hindbodes.

Hindbodes in the house!
I'm almost ready to try it out, but people in multiple places say this application doesn't work with LOVE 11.1 games, which would mean I'll have to make an Android app the harder way (the tutorial for the harder way of making Android LOVE games is 20 minutes long and involves editing system variables) as my games are all LOVE 11.3. So, if you're still out there... can you please confirm that you are there and let us know how the status of Start Gamedev?

Wow! I definitely got a buzz from this mass of 3D scenery. The cupboards with stuff in them was one of the best things. The tapes didn't have much inside them, but I always got a delight-bump when I found another VHS in the world. I think I found 6.