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It's a wonderful game, I can't wait for more options and story for Emma and Autumn.

I started playing at V7 in android, and when V8 came I unistalled v7 and installed v8. However all the save was lost, and I played from start . Though I enjoy it, and I wonder if I have to start from beginning for every new version, or is there a way to continue from my saves, in Android.

Thanks, I am on Android. I unistalled v7 and installed v8. I had to play from the strat all over again . Though I enjoyed it, I'm curious to know, will I have to start from beginning again for v9?!

Go to her room (on any day other than Wednesday) select +slutiness option, then "wear this".. then either petting or dildo.. don't let her cum

How to add v.8? It's a patch to be downloaded and run, or to uninstall existing one and install v.8?

Thanks man, waiting for the release

I have a doubt though. In the info, it say scenes added for sanctuary, however, all that the elves do is sit there. No scenes, no story. Their happiness is at level 2 and no other options to increase it. I wonder if I had to choose the slave route to unlock those stories

Hey Runy, 

Awesome game. Hope we get to take Felicity and Emma to the dungeon soon

Also, hope Emma/Maria gets gangbanged.