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Thanks, Enjoy!

Thanks for all Carla :)

Grasia Sorro! Me alegro de que te guste. Lo mejor del Amstrad siempre ha sido el poder compartir partidas y piques con amigos, primos...

Thanks for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

Interesting video, lots of games! Thanks for including mine, hope you enjoyed

Top game, congrats!!

Excellent game, good job!

Very colored and good-looking 

Funny game

Well done! Good graphics technique

The sprites are so cool :)

The AI is Alain Prost! Very difficult but funny game

Level generator is awesome, and coded in basic! Well done

Es adictivo, necesito más niveles, enhorabuena

Very smooth sprites movement, well done!

The IA of the Zombies is awesome, they are too smart for me! I always die... xD

Excellent game! Congratulations, great level and enemy design

Fantastic game

La mecánica del disparo del hueso es muy buena, súper original, enhorabuena.

El protagonista es divertido, me recuerda a Ninja Hattori xD

I like the change between Heaven and Hell, the palette change is very original

Enemies are cool, and big sprites. Also a lot of songs, good job!!

Amazing sprites, congrats. You've won a shot!

Evil Red Duck!! You killed my father, you will pay!! (and the crocodile too).

I can't stop playing, level progression and vertical scroll are awesome.

Los enemigos son la bomba, y el esqueleto la monda, felicidades

Congratulations! Original and addictive game. I've enjoyed playing

Great animations and funny game

Very addictive game with a lot of different stuff

Very original and well done! Congrats!!

The hero is awesome. ooouuyeah!

Funny and hard!

Good game! Some challenging levels!

Thanks for your words and for your video. Hope you enjoyed the game :)

Thanks ronaldo!
And congratulations to all for your great games.