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All aged up, correct?

Okay for me there needs to be at least 2 distinct jumping sounds: one for jumping and one for jumping on enemies/items/walls. That should help with feedback to the player. The second problem with jumping I have is that jumping on enemies seems to only work 50% of the time like there needs to be a specific position for you to jump on enemies/items/whatever. 

In general I think sound design is the weakest point so far by far. The music doesn't have substantial punch the sound effects are muffled or nonexistent and there needs to be way more of them. Maybe some sexy voice clips for Arma especially. The dodge roll definitely needs a unique sound.

Other things: the opening is long-winded and redundant. Why not put all the lore fluff and character descriptions in it's own thing in the pause menu like a codex and then just tell the story?

Otherwise the gameplay feels promising and the graphics are certainly enticing for a project like this.