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A member registered Oct 28, 2014

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Your minimum requirements state a 550 though, just with 2gb vram. It's the memory requirement I find surprising (both vram and system), but then I only have youtube videos and the listed size of the game download to go by. Anyway, if it requires 2gb/8gb then that's what it requires, it's just a shame because it looks like a fun game.

I find that surprising, but thank you for your response.

Created a new topic System Requirements

The Steam and GoG pages list the memory requirements for this game as being 8gb system and 2gb GPU, which seems a little high. Will this game work on a system with 4gb ram and a GeForce 560 Ti with 1gb of vram?

Created a new topic Linux

Would really like to play this game! Any plans for a Linux build?

Excellent! I shall try to keep track of your developments. Thank you for the reply!

Posted in CTHON comments

This looks interesting, would love a native Linux version!

Created a new topic Linux

Would love to play this if a Linux version became available!

Are the recommended system specifications a joke?