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Strong vibes of old Amiga era games like Millennium 2.2 and Supremacy/Overlord

I do like French pastries.

Yep, that fixed it! Thanks! Also great work!!

When I try to run cel7 I get the following error:

./cel7: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I have both GCC and clang installed, but I'm not sure what package would provide libasan.

Wonderful concept!

A charming little game, but it could do with more configurable options (such as mouse sensitivity), and also it should store your settings when you quit.

Honestly, what you give to the community is fantastic, and I love the fact that you release such great art to the public domain. It's a real benefit for budding game devs who might want to focus on their code, but still have the satisfaction of making something that looks good!

Honestly you make some great stuff, and the fact that you release your assets into the public domain is really generous. Keep up the great work!

Would like to try, will there be a Linux build?

No problem, thank you for the response! It's an enjoyable game that's well worth the $2, so it'd be a shame if people didn't get to play due to a minor dependency issue!

Game seems linked in an unportable manner to OpenSSL(?) as it searches for and which don't exist on many Linux systems (I've seen reports for other games complaining about the same issue). A workaround that works for me is to create symbolic links for the missing library, ex:

# ln -s /usr/lib32/ /usr/lib32/

# ln -s /usr/lib32/ /usr/lib32/

However, while this works, it's not recommended that people go poking around in their system directories unless they know what they're doing. I'm not sure which engine the game uses, but it should be possible for the developers to link to the above libraries in a more portable way!

I'm on Void Linux, but I've seen reports of the same issue for the game The Red Strings Club on Linux Mint and OpenSUSE, not sure if the same engine is used?

Your minimum requirements state a 550 though, just with 2gb vram. It's the memory requirement I find surprising (both vram and system), but then I only have youtube videos and the listed size of the game download to go by. Anyway, if it requires 2gb/8gb then that's what it requires, it's just a shame because it looks like a fun game.

I find that surprising, but thank you for your response.

The Steam and GoG pages list the memory requirements for this game as being 8gb system and 2gb GPU, which seems a little high. Will this game work on a system with 4gb ram and a GeForce 560 Ti with 1gb of vram?

Forager (Demo) community · Created a new topic Linux

Would really like to play this game! Any plans for a Linux build?

Excellent! I shall try to keep track of your developments. Thank you for the reply!

This looks interesting, would love a native Linux version!

MANDAGON community · Created a new topic Linux

Would love to play this if a Linux version became available!

Are the recommended system specifications a joke?