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A member registered Sep 23, 2019

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With some animations I can see me loose some hours to this idling.

Or there should be a button to summon the dice back in your hands and the HPs of the mobs should be way lower.

Love the game! 

I would love to have the cats and the mouse on the left to be animated. It would be cool if you can't make a move anymore to see a sad mouse or see the mouse sweet when you have a few rolls left (that would not have to be animated but the change would do with a sound). That would give the game more life and I would not like to see a sad mouse ;)

For example, if you come from the middle to the left, after hitting the wall instead of going directly back to the middle you could move up or down and then back to the middle. This would take a bit more controll and would make it easier to hit the boss. It also would make the boss fight less monotonous.

Fun little game!
Attacking up and down would be cool and bouncing  as the tornado.