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I have been having trouble getting the 2.0 version to even download, is it the demo? or am I missing something to hit the download link?

I am in the water area and tried to swim up and I am 'stuck' it won't exit the screen option for swum up or stay

Ahhhh ok thank you

Happens any time I load my old game, go to shiptown and a map is given then I can't move, same in the caves

is there a way to get affinity for shops we already are 'sold out' in?

Is it possible there would be a 'map editor' feature to the game? Your details are so cute I would love that as an option.

is there a way to get it to download it's not doing anything for me

Is there in no way that the MC gets to top? XD God that would have been sooo good with Nasir

I don't know how but I fixed it trying to play one of your other games, strange.

I can't get the game to load still tried a lot of options :c

oh it's a browser game? I downloaded it

I can't seem to get the game to begin running :c

I appreciate it, I finally got it to play and it is wonderful!

I can't find a way to download any other version. I used itch to download it. 

I can't get the game to actually appear on my screen, it loads then the window disappears but somehow is still running, not sure what to do. 

I got it to work, apparently, the issue was without the Itch client my anti virus would just shut it down and not let it even have a chance.

I can;t get the game to actually start at all, any help?

Hi there, I just found this game, I got through one play through now it won't load in the slightest to let me play again, what can I do to fix this?