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Please who still has the last updated version of this recreation could you give a link for download

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Probably a new developer as it was said BubbleDerp left this project but team is still there and continue working on it just without BubbleDerp

He was not alone in this project he left but dev team are still there well at least that what they said

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it's to early to say that it's dead

If only they give us a link to discord

Please can somebody help me understand i am kind of confused i don't understand Bubblegum said that he is leaving but the old team going to continue project am i right? So is it still going to be updated on this page or somewhere else?

Does it has ntsc filter like in this recreation

Here is the link Install all versions

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What type off ddl or dll and what name of the missing files

I love this game so much not only this gameplay is unic the art style is fantastic if there is ever going to be a steam release with more endings i will definitely buy

No i'm sorry but it is not true at all by creating a game you won't ruin a mystery the story itself is a mystery

This is strange how did this happen?

what happend to the page?

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What happened to the page

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Please uncle  Gordello

fix some bugs  i hear that you are busy right now but if you chose 

1. please add Lisa shadow when we are walking like we are Lisa or she is behind us 

2 Add Lisa's face when bathroom door pre opens and we look inside the gap

3. Voice line of the plastic bag seems a bit off

4. And please add cockroaches and waking up up animation

Otherwise it's a grate and most accurate P.T Recreation I've seen so far

What he not he still updates the game

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Oh so what about Slender man, Sonic.exe, SCP Containment breach, Bigfoot are they not allowed too? btw they are based on the story and creepy-pasta's. What I'm going to do is give you a dislike, you deserved it, the mystery of this game is not that we are not able to play, it is what inside the game story itself!

I hope that you will fix the bugs that TripleFun926 described and add cockroaches before they, you know who

Well first all people always install Visual C++ after the clean install  Windows, it is not the problem of the game it was your's

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Also the voice of Paper bag is not synchronized

And no cockroaches

This things they take time

I want females there are already a lot of guys

How the heck did you access the school

CPU: : Intel Core i7 | Graphics: : Nvidia rtx 2080 | RAM: ddr4 32 GB

It's not entirely possible Imscared was done on Game Maker Studio and it was a 3d game

Wait there is even care i thought the game only had the begining  part

Press the enter button, duh

Yes i was talking about photoshop cd box

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To make like this a real ps1 game with cd box and everything just for accuracy

Are going for cd cover for us to make a cd copy

And don't forget the First person transition

You are going to far, this game almost got from alpha state and you already expecting to see Care, be patient