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Hello really love this game but it hase one big minus this game is so blurry that it makes my eyes and head hurt, why so much of blur could you please tone it down a bit or add and option to turn it off

Dude a freaking Combat Evolved flight started did you abandon it?

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Is there any chance for a controller support it would add more feels like you are playing on PSX with a dualshock controller 

The only downside is that it makes me want to play a full game especially Until Biglight

Stop spamming this we don't even understand your language at least add subtitles

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What da hell you are talking about? Directx 12 means you can also use other games with previous Directx like 11, 10.1, 10 etc, dxdiag just shows you that your gpu supports dx 12, did you try to install dx web install? I have also directx 12 and windows 10 but i can run this game just by pressing exe file without any emulators

There is possibility that antivirus deleted your exe file try to turn off your antivirus and readownload gane

do you see exe file?

Look at the hole Carl

Dude that's a 30 minutes long game do you even know what P.T is?. Maybe dev also should put here checkpoints for you

Be more grateful, god dammit it's a free game

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So you are just pressing the back button and it goes black, right?

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You also forgot

On the intro, if you press forward there is a walking sound

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Computer mouse right click, 

gamepad R3 button

It's just because when new update is coming download button disappears

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Third update changelog:

- Added animation for Lisa on balcony
- Fixed mouse movement velocity
- Improved zooming
- Fixed flashlight intensity
- Photo pieces update (now textures are colored like in OG)

New update is coming

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Oh god i hope not. On twitter he said that new update is coming

Update your thing last flight already started and it will end in November 5

What bugs? I've only had one or two

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Would you please add a subtitles when you zoom in text on walls and photo, that feature was on P.T too i believe, because its really hard to read the text especially on the photo

Did you zoom in on a ringing phone?

By pressing the download button

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Just go around the room but don't go downstairs, after the second laugh don't move at all untill baby laughs again, after that the phone will ring

Please who still has the last updated version of this recreation could you give a link for download

Here is the link Install all versions

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What type off ddl or dll and what name of the missing files

I love this game so much not only this gameplay is unic the art style is fantastic if there is ever going to be a steam release with more endings i will definitely buy